2018 McLaren 720S


Engine: M840T Twin-Turbo V8

Displacement: 3,993 cc / 5.5L

Horsepower: 710 hp at 7,000RPM

Torque: 568 lb ft at 5,500RPM

Transmission: 7-speed automatic

0-60 mph: 2.8 seconds

Top Speed: 212 mph

A Little History

McLaren Automotive is a British automotive manufacturer founded by Ron Dennis and is based at the McLaren Technology Campus in Woking, Surrey.

McLaren launched its three-tier product structure in 2015, introducing a new naming strategy that includes range names (Sports, Super and Ultimate Series) and derivatives (LT, S and C). The LT badge stands for Longtail, with the S standing for Sport and the C for Club.

McLaren released their latest car in the Super Series lineup, the 720S, at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Powered by a twin turbo V8, its 710-bhp and 568 ft.-lb of torque propels it from 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds, up to 124 mph in 7.8 seconds, onto a top speed of 212 mph.

The McLaren 720S features twin-hinged dihedral doors and many design features from the McLaren F1. The headlights hide air vents that funnel incoming air to two small radiators in front of the wheels. The doors feature air channels that direct air to the engine. The design was inspired by the great white shark, and features a teardrop-shaped cockpit.

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