2013 MCLAREN MP4-12C



Configuration: Longitudinal mid-engine

Engine: Twin Turbo V8

Displacement: 3.8L

Horsepower: 616

Torque: 443 ft/lbs at 8500RPM

Max RPM: 8500 RPM

Transmission: 7-speed SSG dual-clutch

A Little History

The MP4 is the first car fully designed and built by McLaren. It was developed to be a direct competitor with the Ferrari 458 Spyder, released one year earlier. The McLaren engineers studied the Ferrari 458 Spyder, with the specific intent to outdo it. For example, the McLaren body is constructed of carbon fiber, or “Carbon MonoCell,” as branded by the company, whereas the Ferrari 458 Spyder is constructed of aluminum. McLaren decided to use carbon fiber with this specific example, due to it weighing far less than aluminum, thus allowing for a higher maximum speed and structural rigidity.

The rear of the MP4 features an active arrow wing, which is essentially a large carbon fiber piece, designed to assist the driver at higher speeds. If the computer senses that the rear tires need more traction, the wing will rise slightly to catch the air and create additional downforce. When decelerating from higher speeds, the computer will change the angle of the wing again, in order to act as an air brake. Although the wing is designed to function automatically, the driver can select the aggressiveness with which the system will run.

On the interior, the MP4 has a large touch-screen LCD in the center of the console. It also has a fully equipped Meridian 4-speaker sound system.

Did You Know?
• Unlike the average car, the McLaren MP4-12C has the HVAC controls on each door. Typically, these controls are found on the center of the console. However, due to the large touch-screen in place, the designers placed the actual buttons on the doors. They did, however, give the driver the option to adjust the settings within the touch-screen computer, as well.
• The exhaust comes out of the back grill, between the tail lights. Typically, the exhaust is placed below the middle of the bumper, but this example is above the bumper.
• This MP4 has butterfly wings! (WING PHOTO)

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