2013 Lamborghini



Configuration: Longitudinal mid-engine

Engine: V12

Displacement: 396.7 cu. in/ 6.5L

Horsepower: 700 hp at 8,250 RPM

Torque: 507 lb. ft. at 5,500 RPM

Max RPM: 8,250 RPM

Transmission: 7-speed semi-automatic

A Little History

The 2013 Aventador is Lamborghini’s newest mid-engine V12 supercar. It was launched at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show as a replacement for the brand’s 10-year-old Murciélago model. The hexagonal and trapezoidal styling of the Aventador gives it a far more aggressive appearance than its predecessor, largely because Lamborghini has started taking design queues from the United States military’s Stealth Fighter Program. Even the logo of Lamborghini alludes to the forcefulness of the car, as it is known as the “Raging Bull.”

The Design:

Although Lamborghinis are more angular than other supercars, they are equally as aerodynamic, if not more so. The front has two small grills under each headlight, feeding air to two separate radiators. Air also flows up and over the hood, and into both the radiators behind the doors, as well as the air intakes for the engine, located behind the windows. The air then escapes from the engine compartment through the glass engine cover, as well as the grills located beneath the taillights and on either side of the exhaust.

In keeping with the Stealth Fighter Program theme, more recent Lamborghinis have interiors that are designed to resemble a fighter jet cockpit. The start/stop button even has a red cover, similar to the missile launch button in the fighter jets, and an LCD screen on the dash.

Did you know?

  • Almost all Lamborghinis are named after famous fighting bulls, mostly from Spain. Aventador was a bull that fought particularly valiantly in 1993.
  • This Aventador is equipped with noselift technology, so the driver has more room for undercarriage clearance.

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