2011 Ferrari 599



Configuration: Front-engine, Rear wheel drive

Engine: 6.0 L naturally aspirated V12

Horsepower: 661 @ 8250 RPM

Torque: 457 lb-ft @ 6500 RPM

Transmission: 6-speed single clutch F1 gearbox

0-60 MPH: 3.1 seconds

Top speed: 208 MPH

Weight: 3850 lbs

Based off of the 599 GTB, the 599 GTO is a race inspired monster, and was the most The GTO was the third production car in Ferrari’s history to wear the GTO (Gran Turismo Omologato) badge, and was limited to only 599 units. Upon release, the 599 GTO was the fastest car in Ferrari’s history around their Fiorano test track, at 1 min and 24 seconds, nine tenths faster than the legendary Enzo.

The engine in the GTO is a 6.0L naturally aspirated V12 that develops 661 hp to the rear wheels, which is almost 50 more horsepower than the GTB. This extra power is achieved through better air intakes and exhaust flow, along with a flat crank that is stated to be 12 % more efficient. The power is managed through Ferrari’s traction and stability control systems, all via the manettino switch. Manettino, or “little hand” in Italian, is a switch on the bottom part of the steering wheel where the driver is able to change the driving modes of the car to suit different driving situations. In sport and race mode, the gearbox is able to shift gears in 60 milliseconds with the simple pull of a paddle. With the different driving modes, the magnetically controlled suspension is constantly changing its dampening depending on road conditions to keep the car as stable as possible.

Ferrari went through extensive weight savings with the construction of the GTO, which included using thinner aluminum in the body construction, a lighter exhaust system and carbon ceramic brakes. The weight savings allowed the car to be 100lbs lighter than a standard 599. The aerodynamics were improved as well, generating 144kg of downforce at 124 mph.

Ferrari has always strived to produce the most artful and dramatic cars possible, and the 599 GTO is one of the cars that best exemplifies this mantra. The manner in which the GTO delivers power is borderline brutal, the V12 screaming as the rear tires attempt to put as much power to the road as possible. Ferrari’s roots began with the front engine V12-rear wheel drive layout, and the 599 GTO wonderfully continues this Ferrari tradition, making the modern driving experience feel as close to a race car as possible.

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