2002 Porsche GT2


Engine: 3.6 L Twin-Turbocharged flat-6

Horsepower: 456 at 5,700 RPM

Torque: 457 lb/ft. @ 3500 - 4500 RPM

Transmission: 6-speed manual

0 - 60: 3.9 seconds

Cooling: water-cooled

911 Chassis Code: 996

Curb Weight: 3175 lbs

When the water-cooled 996 Turbo arrived in 2001, customers began asking for more power, even more than the new Turbo’s 415 HP and 413 lb-ft of torque. The new Turbo also received some criticism from purists for being too technically refined, but Porsche was already cooking up the answer, and it came in the bare-knuckled form of the GT2: the fastest production Porsche ever made, and one aimed at the most demanding enthusiasts. “Car and Driver” magazine described the 2002 GT2 as, the 911 distilled down to its essence, the Turbo’s “street-fighting counterpart, capable of shameless wheelspin, eyeball-flattening acceleration, and generous measures of oversteer, that brink-of-disaster sideways progress that hard-core Porschephiles profess to treasure so dearly.”

Devoid of driver-assist technologies and packing 40 horsepower more than the Turbo, the GT2 was designed to remove all boundaries between car and driver. It deleted all-wheel-drive, the rear seats, the spare tire and Porsche’s Stability Management system. Leather-covered fiberglass units replaced the standard front seats in the stripped interior, which simply featured power windows, mirrors and door locks, a Porsche sound system and automatic climate control. The GT2’s racing-spec wishbone-and-coilover suspension featured adjustable sway bars, ride height, camber and caster settings, and Porsche’s outstanding carbon-ceramic disc brakes. The aerodynamics were also re-engineered to increase downforce, and the entire car sat almost an inch lower than the Turbo. At the time of its manufacture, the GT2 delivered the Porsche driving experience in its rawest form, putting out 456 bhp which propelled the car to a top speed just shy of 200 mph, at 198 mph. Production of the 2002 GT2 was limited to just 176 examples.

Did you know?
The GT2 was built to compete in GT2 class racing; the car came with rear-wheel drive and a fixed rear wing as the class did not allow all-wheel drive or adjustable aerodynamic components.

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