1995 Porsche 962 K8 Spyder


Configuration: Longitudinal mid-engine

Engine: 3.0 L Twin-Turbocharged Flat-6

Displacement: 3L

Horsepower: 530

Transmission: 5-speed manual

Cooling: air-cooled

Curb Weight: 2094 lbs

This Porsche was the overall winner of the 1995 Rolex 24-Hours at Daytona, Florida. It won five laps ahead of its nearest competitor. It is also considered to be the grandfather of the Carrera GT currently on display, as it is the predecessor to the RS Spyder, from which the Carrera GT drew many similarities. However, Porsche borrowed the rollbar from the 962 K8 Spyder and manipulated it to fit into the design of the Carrera GT.

The 962 K8 Spyder is the last Porsche racecar to be outfitted with the iconic air-cooled Flat-6 engine. This means that both the pistons and cylinders fire on a flat line, as opposed to a V- or W-style engine where the pistons and cylinders fire at a downward angle. This is beneficial as the design does not allow for a loss of kinetic energy. The Flat-6 gives the car a higher RPM and top speed.

Did You Know?
In 24 hours, this car completed 680 laps, which equals 2456.4 miles. Its average speed was 102.289 MPH.

Even though it’s an air-cooled engine, this engine is actually cooled with the help of a large oil reservoir and multiple heat exchangers.

The 962 K8 Spyder has the same mononut wheels seen on the Carrera. They were developed to help pit crews change the tires faster.

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