1990 Ferarri



Configuration: Longitudinal mid-engine

Engine: 180 Degree V12

Displacement: 4.9L

Horsepower: 390 at 6300 RPM

Torque: 361 ft/lbs at 4500 RPM

Max RPM: 6500

Transmission: 5-speed manual

A Little History

The 1990 Ferrari Testarossa is the next step in the evolution of Ferrari’s mid-engine V12 line, following the 1976-83 Ferrari 512BB. The Testarossa features 4 valves per cylinder, as opposed to the 2 valves per cylinder found on the 512BB.

The Design

The largest difference between these two cars, aside from the engine upgrade, is probably the increase in the aerodynamics of the Testarossa. For example, the 512BB had no aerodynamic features on the sides, whereas the Testarossa was the first Ferrari to feature what they refer to as “side strakes.” Ferrari switched from having one front-mounted radiator, to having two radiators mounted right in front of the rear tires, which, when coupled with the iconic side strakes, allowed maximum airflow. Interestingly, instead of adding another aerodynamic element on the front bumper, Ferrari opted to keep the look of the front grill, even though it didn’t actually serve a purpose.  On the rear of the car, Ferrari kept the grill found on the 512BB, but made it larger and kept with the look of the strakes. They also switched the smaller grill between the tailpipes to look more like the strakes on the Testarossa.

The interior of the Testarossa reflects the fact that it was meant to be driven in comfort on long trips. It bears tan leather seats with tan and black carpeting, as well as all the amenities of an everyday driver.

Did you know?

“Testarossa” actually means “red head” in Italian, named after the red valve covers on original Ferrari racecars.

This car actually has 48 total valves.

The engine is lubricated by a dry sump system, which helps the car avoid oil starvation under heavy acceleration and deceleration. As opposed to a conventional wet sump system, the dry sump pulls the oil from a remote reservoir to distribute evenly to the engine.

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