1989 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet


Engine: 3.3 L Turbocharged flat-6

Horsepower: 282 @ 5,500 RPM

Torque: 289 lb/ft. @ 4000 RPM

Transmission: 5-speed manual

0 - 60: 5.9 seconds

Cooling: air-cooled

911 Chassis Code: 930

Weight: 2976 lbs

The Porsche 930 is a sports car built by Porsche between 1975 and 1989, known to the public as the 911 Turbo. It was the maker’s top-of-the-range 911 model for its entire production duration and at the time of its introduction the fastest production car available in Germany.

For its last year, Porsche offered the 911 Turbo in Cabriolet form but with one exciting change: the Turbo was finally outfitted with the new G50 5-speed, the extra gear allowing more practical spacing and better engine flexibility.

With such an established brand, Porsche could afford to have a little fun with its consumers in its advertising for the 911.

The Design
This 911 Turbo Cabriolet features a “whale tail” rear spoiler to help vent more air to the engine and help create more downforce at the rear of the vehicle, and wider rear wheels with upgraded tires combined with flared wheel arches to increase the car’s width and grip, making it more stable.

Also included with this car’s eye-catching Guards Red exterior: matching painted Fuchs alloy wheels, a contrasting black top and interior, and the original bill of sale.

Did You Know?
Early models of the 930 were dubbed the “widowmaker”, due to long gear ratios and subsequent turbo-lag, meaning all of the power came suddenly after a delay. These cars were prone to snap-oversteer characteristics in the corners when the boost came on, causing drivers to crash if they were not experienced enough behind the wheel.

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