1974 Ford Bronco Custom Half Cab


Engine: 1989 Mustang 5.0 L HO V8 SEFI

Horsepower: 290 hp @ 5000 RPM

Torque: 325 ft-lb @ 4200 RPM

Transmission: 4-speed automatic

A Little History

The Ford Bronco is a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV, predating the term SUV) manufactured and marketed by Ford from 1966 to 1996. The original Bronco was an off-road vehicle intended to compete primarily with Jeep CJ models and the International Harvester Scout. The Bronco’s small size made it maneuverable for some uses, but impractical as a tow vehicle.

The 1966 Bronco was not only Ford’s first compact SUV — its marketing also shows a very early example of promoting a civilian off-roader as a “Sports Utility.” Ford product manager Donald N. Frey, who also conceived the Ford Mustang, originated the concept of the Bronco. In many ways, the Bronco was a more original concept than the Mustang – whereas the Mustang was based upon the Ford Falcon, the Bronco had a wholly unique frame, suspension, and body.

Styling was subordinated to simplicity and economy, so all glass was flat, bumpers were straight C-sections, the frame was a simple box-section ladder, and the basic left and right door skins were identical except for mounting holes.

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