1970 Porsche 914-6 Targa


Configuration: Longitudinal Mid Engine

Engine: 2.0 Flat 6, Naturally Aspirated

Horsepower: 109 @ 5800 RPM

Torque: 120 lb/ft. @ 4200 RPM

Transmission: 5-speed manual

0 - 60: 8.7 Seconds

Cooling: air-cooled

Curb Weight: 2072 lbs

In the late 1960s, both Porsche and Volkswagen were seeking replacements to their standard fare: the entry-level 912 was on the way out, and the Karmann Ghia was just a reworked Beetle. In an odd turn of events, the two companies decided to produce one car: the 914. Designed by Porsche and powered by Volkswagen, the vehicle would be sold by both companies.

The standard 914 was powered by Volkswagen’s horizontal four-cylinder engine, producing a power output of 80 hp. Even with the lightweight Porsche body, acceleration suffered. The solution to this was to offer a second version: the 914/6, powered by a six-cylinder engine, total power output exceeded 100 hp.

Unfortunately, this came with an extra cost– the 914/6 was nearly as expensive as a standard 911. Despite several impressive victories on the motor racing scene, the 914/6 only sold 3,300 models in its three-year run, establishing its status as a collectible classic.

Did you know?
The 914 equipped with VW’s four cylinder engine was Porsche’s best selling car during its model run, with over 118,000 sold worldwide. The 914-6 sold poorly during its model run due to the fact it cost nearly the same amount as a low end 911 at the time.

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