1969 Chevrolet Chevelle

"SS Custom 454 LS6"


Configuration: Longitudinal front engine

Engine: Ram Jet ZL1 V8

Displacement: 7.44L/454 cu. in.

Horsepower: 50hp at 5,750 RPM

Torque: 493 ft/lbs at 4,250RPM

Max RPM: 6,300RPM

Transmission: Tremec 5-speed manual

The Customizations

This Chevelle features many custom parts, the most impressive of which is its Ram Jet ZL1 motor. The ZL1 motors were produced by GM Motors to pay homage to the 69 ZL1 Camaros special-ordered from the factory in 1969. There were only 200 ZL1 motors ever produced, and this is number 16, one of three currently on display. The Ram Jet setup refers to the air and fuel delivery system; there is a computer placed between the halves of the air intakes that allow the engine to run simply with battery power. It was the first motor GM produced for the aftermarket. The original ZL1 motor was never intended to be put into a street-legal production car. In comparison to the stock interior, hardly anything left in this Chevelle is original. There are custom black and yellow leather bucket seats, an Auto-meter gauge cluster, a Sony digital sound system, and a polished aluminum Budnik steering wheel, to match the look of the engine. 

Did you know?

This is the only car with an engine block made of highly polished aluminum.

It is also the only car with an exhaust system made of highly polished stainless steel. Check it out on the mirror on the floor! 

This car is nicknamed “Yellow Jacket” because of its black and yellow color scheme.

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