1968 Dodge Charger

"Customer 2 Door Coupe"


Configuration: Longitudinal front-engine

Engine: HEMI V8

Displacement: 6.99L/426 cu. in.

Horsepower: 500HP

Max RPM: Approx. 9,000RPM

Transmission: TCI 727 3-speed automatic.

The Customizations

This is an excellent example of what is referred to as a “rotisserie restoration.” These types of restorations occur most often when restoring vintage American cars because most of them were unibody structured. This means that the Charger, among others, does not have a fully removable frame. The floor pan of the car is how most of the mechanical elements are attached. To do any sandblasting or painting, the entire body of the car is place on a 360 degree rotating spit, much like the way meat is cooked over a fire pit.

Almost the entire exterior of this car is stock, rotisserie-restored to its original conditions. The only noticeable difference is the polished stainless steel bumpers and billet aluminum wheels. Similarly, much of the interior remained largely restored stock. Here, the big change was in the addition of a custom billet aluminum dash with Classic Instruments gauges and a Flaming River steering wheel. However, despite the fact that the gauges are aftermarket parts, they are organized almost exactly like they would have been found in a stock interior.

The most impressive part about this build is in the uniqueness of the engine. It has a custom built transmission, aluminum radiator and fan shroud, and exhaust system, on top of the enormous, aluminum-head HEMI engine.

Did you know?: This car has 90% original body panels, trim, and bumpers.

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