1963 Porsche 356 OUTLAW


Engine: 1720cc 912

Horsepower: unknown

Torque: unknown

Max RPM: 8,000

Transmission: 4-speed w/close ratio gears

Braking: Dual circuit

Built: 1994 by Gary Emory

Cooling: Air-cooled

An Emory Outlaw is a race- or rally-inspired 356 which began life as a factory steel-bodied car in Germany. All Outlaws benefit from bare-metal, rotisserie restoration with the goal of improved handling, styling and drivability, frequently far beyond the performance specifications of even Porsche’s competition cars from the era. While the body retains its stock appearance, the Outlaw receives changes such as deleted, smoothed or GT bumpers; louvered deck lid; through-the-hood fuel filler; driving/fog lamps; bonnet straps; racing mirrors and more. Billet alloy wheels in a few styles and many finishes combined with performance tires round out the appearance package.

Emory modifies both coupes and open cars, depending on a customer’s preference. An Outlaw drivetrain is dramatically improved with either a push-rod or dual overhead-cam engine (horsepower range 180-210); 911 rear suspension; modern disc brakes; 911 4- or 5-speed transmission. The chassis is stiffened while front and rear sway bars are combined with adjustable shocks for comfort and performance. The fully reborn Emory 356 Outlaw is a lightweight, nimble joy to drive.

Pricing ranges from $175-$250k additional to the cost of the donor 356.

This Outlaw was the second ever built. Rod Emory recalled this build saying, “My Dad and I built this car when I was in High School. One of my favorite cars growing up. There is nothing like a 356 with a “Golde” sliding ragtop sunroof. This was the go-to car for my Mom and Dad for events because it was my Mom’s favorite 356 to drive.

Did you know?
This is the second 356 Outlaw completed by Emory Motorsports. They have completed more than 150 examples since their founding in 1996.

Photography via Sean Smith of Petrolicious

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