1961 Mako Shark I


Engine: 427 C.I. V8 (7.0 L)

Horsepower: 425 @ 5800 RPM

Created in 1961, the “Mako Shark” was designed by Larry Shinoda, under the Vice President of GM
Design, Bill Mitchell. The car was inspired by Mitchell, after he caught a mako shark off the coast of
Florida at the time.

The Mako Shark is based off of a 1961 Corvette which along with the Stingray, influenced the 1963
Corvette. It was finished off with a blended paint job of iridescent blue and white that gave it the effect
of looking like the shark Mitchell caught. The design of the car was quite dramatic, with six taillights, a
longer front end, gills on the front, and clear “bubble designed” roof.

Several engines were tested in the car that included, a supercharged V8 with four side-draft carburetors,
and a fuel injected V8 with two four barrel carburetors. The current engine in the car is a 1969 427 cubic
inch ZL-1 Chevrolet V8. The engine is constructed with an all-aluminum block, heads and intake
manifold. The engine is also equipped with a single four-barrel carburetor and in turn, the engine makes
north of 425hp.

Information and images courtesy of the GM Heritage Center

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