1959 Chevrolet 3100

Custom Pickup


Engine: V8

Displacement: 283cid/3.4L

Horsepower: 250bhp at 5500 RPM

Torque: 300 ft-lbs at 4900 RPM

Transmission: New Venture 5-speed manual

A Little History

The Chevrolet Task Force was Chevrolet’s successor to the Advance Design trucks, with the Series running from late 1955 (second series) through 1959. Light-duty trucks in the line were dubbed “Apache.”

By 1958, the trucks featured four headlights instead of the previous two and a shorter, wider grille running the width of the front end. Parking lights were now in the grille instead of being in the front of the fender and the hood was similar to 1955/1956 models, but with a flat “valley” in the middle.

In a first for the truck industry, the Chevy Task Force Series were the first to offer wrap-around windshields.

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