1959 Autobianchi

Bianchina Transformabile


Configuration: Rear engine, rear-wheel drive

Engine: 479 cc OHV 2-cylinder engine

Horsepower: approximately 17 bhp at 4,000 RPM

Transmission: 4-speed manual

A Little History

In 1885, 20-year-old Eduardo Bianchi set up a bicycle-making business in Milan, and before long was making motorized three-wheelers and then, before the turn of the century, four-wheelers. In the 1920s, Bianchi was third behind only Fiat and Lancia in Italian car production.

In 1955, Bianchi approached car maker Fiat and tire maker Pirelli about a partnership, and the Autobianchi Company was formed. The first product was the Bianchina, which was based on the Fiat 500, but positioned as a more luxurious, ‘second-car’ alternative.

The first bodystyle to roll of the assembly line was the Transformabile and would remain as the only body-style available until 1960, when the Cabriolet (roadster) was introduced. Other configurations included the Berlina (saloon), Panoramica (station wagon), and Furgoncino (van).

The Design
The Transformabile featured a fixed B-pillar and partial roof, as the rest of the opening was covered with foldable fabric hood.

With their peppy, air cooled, rear mounted 2-cylinder engines, 4-speed manual gearboxes, 4-wheel independent suspension, and 4-wheel hydraulic drum brakes, Autobianchi Bianchinas are excellent examples of some of the world’s finest micro cars.

Did You Know?
An Autobianchi Bianchina Cabriolet played a memorable roll in the original Pink Panther movie, starring Peter Sellers (1960).

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