1957 P 133 Tractor


Engine: 3-cylinder Diesel

Horsepower: 38

Torque: 87 lb/ft.

Transmission: 5-speed manual

Curb Weight: 4839 lbs

Top speed: 12 mph

Cooling: air-cooled

Porsche has always been home to great engineering, whether on the racetrack or the farm. Ferdinand and his team had set out to make a tractor for the people, or ‘Volksschlepper’ in German. The first Porsche Tractors were released in the early 1940’s with a 12 horsepower, two cylinder engine in V formation. The air-cooled engine was mated to a three speed gearbox and featured a very advanced twin clutch system: the first was a dry clutch and the second hydraulic.

The tractor here is a P133 model. This featured a 38 horsepower three cylinder diesel engine mated to a five speed gearbox. This transmission was very handy for farmers as the first gear was essentially a creep gear – allowing farmers to work carefully if so needed.

Porsche went on to sell roughly 120,000 tractors when their efforts ended in the late 1950’s. Just like their cars, Porsche integrated new technological innovations so seamlessly their products couldn’t be ignored.

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