1953 Ferrari

"250 Europa"


Configuration: Longitudinal front engine

Engine: V12

Displacement: 2963 cc / 180.8 in³

Horsepower: 149.1 kw / 199.9 bhp @ 6300 rpm

Transmission: 4-Speed Manual

A Little History

The Europa was Ferrari’s first grand touring car and was the first to be built without racing in mind. Its style is more uniformed than previous series, and this particular model helped shape all of Ferrari’s future road cars. It also helped Pinin Farina and Ferrari develop and mature their relationship. This model in particular was larger than the 212 Inter it replaced.

Mercedes-Benz joined the high-end sports car game with their space-gram 300SL, to which Ferrari responded with a second series Europa, the 1954 Europa GT. Its independent front suspension contained coil springs instead of transverse leaf type and a four-speed.

Did you know? 

  • The Europa was replaced just 18 months into production by the new 1956 Boano/Ellena body style.
  • The GT designation on the new car was a major factor which catapulted Ferrari’s 250 GTs in its  ruling of sports car racing from 1956 to 1964.

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