1939 Alfa Romeo 6C

"Sport Berlinetta"


Engine: 95 bhp, 2,443 cc Dual Overhead Cam Inline Six-Cylinder

Transmission: Four-Speed Manual

A Little History

Milan-based Alfa Romeo has been called the Ferrari of the 20’s and 30’s. In fact, Enzo Ferrari worked at Alfa as a young man before founding his namesake manufacturer.

With thousands of full-time artisans, mechanics and administrators dedicated to the construction of only a few cars, Alfa Romeo-made supercars that represented the height of artistic, automotive and technological prowess. Unfortunately, and perhaps predictably, the company fell into financial trouble, was scaled down, and eventually absorbed by Fiat. The few cars that were produced during Alfa Romero’s prime are, even today, considered to be some of the finest in the world. The Alfa 6C 2500 is one of those cars.

Many high-performance cars existed at the time but none of them could match the performance standards set by the 6C 2500. The 6C was the last and fastest, of Alfa’s famous six cylinder cars, capable of reaching speeds of100 miles per hour thanks to a lighter body, increased engine capacity and improved fuel feed.

Did You Know?
Alfa Romeo was one of the first manufacturers in history to produce their automobile bodies in-house, a move which pointed to the eventual end of the custom coachbuilding era associated with the pre-war period. The first “complete cars” Alfa released were the 6C 2500 Cabriolet and the 6C 2500 Sport Berlinetta.

The 6C 2500 on display is in fact a Sport Berlinetta, however it is one of only 13 of this variety that were custom built by Carrozzeria Touring using their Superleggera (super light) manufacturing technique.

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