1935 Lincoln Model K

"Non-Collapsible Cabriolet"


Engine: 414ci L-Head V12

Horsepower: 150bhp at 3,800rpm

Transmission: 3-Speed Manual

The Great Depression saw many car manufacturers, Lincoln included, struggling to remain in business. It was at Lincoln’s lowest point that it was purchased by Henry and Edsel Ford, who sought to turn things around with the elegant yet down-to-earth K-series (named after Ford’s classic Model K line). An improvement from its predecessors, the 1935 Model K sported a significantly lower center of gravity, which made for better handling and a smoother ride, even at high speeds.

This Brunn & Co designed, non-collapsible cabriolet body style provided a fixed roof for rear passengers while, at the same time, affording an open chauffeur cabin — representing the town car in its purest form.

Of the custom bodies available, this Brunn-made, non-collapsible cabriolet design is 1 of only 13 ever built in history, and 1 of 4 still in existence today.

Did You Know?
The 1935 Lincoln Model K non-collapsible cabriolet earned the nickname, “The President’s Car” when the first President of the Philippines ordered one as his official service vehicle. The car still survives today at the Presidential Museum in Manila.

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