1930 Pierce-Arrow

"Model A Convertible"


Engine: 365cid, Inline Eight-Cylinder, 132hp

A Little History

Everything about the Pierce-Arrow Model A is extravagant, from the Apollo-like “Archer” hood emblem (in Greek mythology, Apollo’s golden chariot drove the Sun across the heavens) to the storage area made especially for the driver’s golf clubs, down to the external “rumble box” seat made for – it was joked – annoying passengers.

At the end of the roaring 20’s, competition among luxury automakers had reached its peak. In order to keep up, Pierce-Arrow partnered with Studebaker in order to bring to market the 1930 Pierce-Arrow Model A. These cars came in three variations: Model C, Model B, and the largest and most expensive luxury model, Model A – which is displayed here.

The biggest innovation over its Pierce-Arrow predecessors was a new, much improved engine, which featured a modernized L-head design and had an overall weight that was about one hundred pounds lighter than the T-head engine it had replaced. The new Pierce-Arrow engines also had 25% percent more horsepower than Pierce-Arrow fastest previous models.

Did You Know?
The body for the car on display was designed by famed coachbuilder Raymond H. Dietrich, whose handiwork is celebrated perhaps even more so today – as the car took First Prize at the prestigious Antique Automotive Club of America Senior National Competition.

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