1930 Packard Custom Eight

"Sport Phaeton"


Engine: L-Head Inline Eight-Cylinder

Horsepower: 106 bhp, 385 cu. in.

Transmission: Four-Speed Manual

A Little History

One of the most desirable among the all Packard body styles of the time, this Custom Eight Sport Phaeton could often be seen on the country estates and summer homes of the men and women who defined the 1930s.

Though these vehicles were incredibly expensive, going for the price of a very nice house at the time, they were the luxury car of choice for the elite of that day, as they had a well-earned reputation for being aesthetically beautiful, well-built, quiet, and smooth on the road.

This car displayed here was designed by famed coachbuilder Raymond H. Dietrich. Dietrich’s use of lower, sleeker lines and flowing front fenders on this Custom Eight Packard became a hallmark of the pre-war era.

Did You Know?
The Packard Custom Eight Sport Phaeton helped Packard become the best-selling luxury car brand of its day and a hit overseas. In the year this car was released, Packard sold almost twice as many models abroad as any other car brand/model priced over $2,000.

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