1930 Cord L29



Engine: Inline L-Head Eight-Cylinder

Horsepower: 125bhp, 298.6 cu. in.

Transmission: Three-Speed Front-Drive Manual

A Little History

At the time of its release, there was nothing ordinary about the Cord L-29. It was first production front-wheel drive car in the world. Cord L-29’s were also among the first ever car models to sport an extremely low roof line relative to its peers – a look that set a definite trend for generations of cars to follow.

The Cord L-29 was the brainchild of Cornelius Van Ranst – a man handpicked by E.L. Cord for his design of a front-wheel drive racecar which appeared in the 1927 Indianapolis 500.

With a front-wheel drive chassis in place, the L-29 could be made lower than other cars. This gave coach designers a chance to make the body longer and sleeker, and create a flat floor throughout the entire cabin area – a novel and highly desired feature at the time.

Did You Know?
The Cord L-29 is considered by many pre-war car connoisseurs to be the most stylish American car of its time. Numerous celebrities bought L-29s, and its “long and low” frame attracted the talent and attention of the world’s best coachbuilders on both sides of the Atlantic. In fact, numerous cars built on the Cord chassis won prizes in contests worldwide. Unfortunately, just as this car was hitting showrooms, the Wall Street Crash of October 1929 cut away a substantial proportion of the car’s target clientele and just 4,400 were ever sold.

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