Audrain Automobile Museum Gala Recap 2017

The Audrain Automobile Museum was privileged to hold it’s second annual gala, Happy Days
Are Here Again: Celebrating The End Of Prohibition, at Ochre Court September 1. Since our
inception in 2014, the Audrain has remained committed to preserving and presenting automotive
history for current and future generations to enjoy.
With the help of the evening’s chairman, David B. Ford, keynote speakers Jay Leno, Ken Gross
and Donald Osborne, the Museum was able to raise over $600,000 to further its dedication to
preservation and expand its educational mission. Through the generous donations of guests and
supporters, the Audrain will be able to engage and educate younger generations to strengthen the
automotive industry and assure the preservation of its history.
Ochre Court transformed into a 1930s speakeasy; between the sounds of the Marianne Bennet
Orchestra and casino games, the evening was an authentic celebration of Prohibition ending.
Over 40 unique and rare automobiles graced Ochre Court’s front and back lawns, completing the
mansion’s transformation to a different era in Newport history. Guests also had the chance to win
elegant prizes through a raffle: a trip to Case de Campo in the Dominican Republic, a
breathtaking David Rovinksy necklace, and an intimate dinner for 2 on the Museum’s showroom
Jay Leno entertained guests with automotive stories and his usual comedic flair, all while
encouraging the need to preserve automotive history as a way of celebrating America’s unique
past. The evening also focused on supporting Texas after the widespread damage of Hurricane
Harvey. The Schorsch family donated $10,000 to assist with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts,
encouraging guests to do the same.
The Audrain Automobile Museum is much more than an entertaining visual experience; it
transports people through time and place, igniting memories for all ages. Our exhibits tell stories
of culture, community, and family, connecting with children and adults alike.