Porsche 928 with 3.6 Turbo in Paris

In the midst of many Renault’s and Peugeot’s I have come across some interesting cars on my street during my first couple days in Paris. It was cool seeing a pair of E34 BMW 5 series sedans tucked away in a nearby back yard shortly after I arrived. I have a soft spot for this boxy German as it was my first car with a manual transmisson. Later on that evening, I was walking home and noticed a man starting a red 964 Carrera on the side of the street and shot him a thumbs up. He began backing the car up and opened a garage door close by. I peeked in and saw a Porsche 928 on a lift. I knew I needed a closer look.

I walked up to the door as this man killed the Carrera engine, and saw what looked like a 964 Turbo in the back! I said ‘Bonjour!’ and then saw the Turbo model was a more specific 3.6 Turbo! Not knowing any French, I pointed to it and said, ‘3.6?” and his eyes lit up as he nodded approval. With less than 1500 in the world, I was shocked to see this a mere 30 steps from my front door! It turns out the man I briefly spoke with owns the place, which is a Porsche repair shop! My wandering eyes will continue to peer in over the next few weeks to see if anything else interesting stops by!

Ben Chester – Audrain Automobile Museum Correspondent

(Studying in Paris, Rome, and Berlin for 5 weeks each in the coming semester)

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