1970 Super Camaro



Configuration: Longitudinal front-engine

Engine: Twin-turbo Charged V8

Displacement: 7.87L/480 cu. in.

Horsepower: 1200 HP

Transmission: Rockland Tranzilla T56 6-speed manual.

The Customizations

With 1200HP, this car has far and away the most powerful engine in the exhibition. It was designed to go as fast as possible on a quarter-mile, and is actually extremely difficult to turn due to its sticky tires. Every modification on this car is to increase its speed, much like modern supercars. On the exterior, several important changes have been made to escalate airflow and overall aerodynamics. First, All Speed Customs enlarged the air intakes on the hood and grill. Considering how large this engine is, it needs as much airflow as it can get to keep from overheating. Next, they added side skirts and an extended front bumper to keep the car as low to the ground as possible. The skirts help to eliminate potential turbulence and drag when driving at high speeds by allowing minimal air to pass beneath the car.

The interior of the car has been converted to better suit its drag racing purpose. The entire body has been fitted with a custom roll cage to reinforce its solid steel frame. All Speed Customs also replaced the original bucket seats with Corbeau Racing seats equipped with 5-point harnesses. They replaced the wooden dash with brushed steel and installed a ______ gauge cluster. Finally, All Speed Customs installed twin 60mm Bullseye turbo chargers, and a custom air intake manifold, intercooler, plumbing, and steel headers.


Did you know?: The entire body of the car is steel. The trunk lid alone weighs close to 40 lbs!

The twin turbos give this car just as much power as a Bugatti Veyron.

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