1935 Packard 1207

"V12 Convertible Coupe"

Engine: V12, 473.31ci., 175bhp at 3,200rpm

A Little History

In the clutches of The Great Depression, custom coachbuilding was a waning industry. Even the finest designers in the world such as Raymond H. Dietrich could find themselves at hard-pressed for the opportunity to apply showcase their skill. It was against this backdrop in 1935 that Raymond H. Dietrich got the opportunity to design for Packard’s powerful new V12 convertible coupe. Dietrich certainly did not disappoint. The result was the creation of a car that has been regarded as a “classic among classics.”

This Packard 1207 V12 Convertible Coupe’s crimson leather interior sits in stark contrast against the softer blue body. A fine, bright beltline molding ties together each distinctive feature of this car; beginning at the signature Packard grill, following the hood’s break, extending along the doors just below a set of roll up windows, and then gracefully tapering down at the front of the rumble box just before the rear deck. Dietrich also outfitted this car with a radio – a definitive symbol of status in the mid-1930’s.

Did You Know?
In 1898, an electric lamp manufacturer out of Warren, Ohio bought his first car, a Winton. He was so dissatisfied with it, that he decided to design and build his own. Soon after, he started designing and building cars for others, and was so successful that he decided to dedicate himself to the manufacture of cars, full-time.

That man was James Ward Packard, a founding father of the American luxury car industry. His experience with a Winton, may have inspired Packard’s iconic slogan, “Ask the man who owns one.”

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