1938 Pierce Arrow


A Little History

One of the most iconic car lines in history, Rolls-Royce Phantoms represent the height of luxury and taste. Each Phantom is designed, crafted and constructed by hand, by at least 60 Rollys-Royce-trained artisans.

In 1929 when this car was made, the chassis for most American Phantoms were built by Rolls-Royce and then immediately sent from the manufacturer to Rolls-Royce-owned coachmaking company Brewster & Co., where the car’s body would be created. This tended to give Phantoms of the period a certain a standardized look.

The Phantom I displayed here however, is one of only 21 in the world with a custom Ascot Phaeton body. The Ascot Phaeton build is considered to be among the most desirable American-made Rolls-Royce models ever created. This particular Phantom I is the most unique Ascot Phaeton of all due to the fact that it has roll up windows – an incredibly stylish and advanced feature for the era – which were custom built by the famous Murphy Coachworks company of Pasadena, California.

The car was delivered new to a Mr. G.M. Church of Pasadena, CA on October 10, 1929. It was later owned for many years by Mr. Lester Braunstein of Beverly Hills, CA. This car is featured in John Webb de Campi’s book Rolls-Royce in America. Pictured in the book is a factory photo, a picture taken circa 1950s and a picture in the 1970s with former owner Lester Braunstein. This original chassis, body and engine car was the subject of an extensive restoration spanning years. This car has been the recipient of numerous awards, trophies and honors.

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